Sunday, August 2, 2009

Miss Australia Rachael Finch almost eaten by a crocodile

Before going to the Bahamas to represent Australia in the Miss Universe 2009, Rachael Finch, 20, toured a crocodile farm in her country and a terrifying incident happened to her.

Finch was almost eaten by a crocodile if she was not quick to move away from the freaky creature.

The crocodile farm in the Northern Territory in Australia is named Eric and she was there watching the crocodiles being fed with raw chicken meat. Good thing though she's quick to realize she was the crocodile's target and not the raw chicken.

She immediately moved away and secured herself.

"As soon as I saw him move I got nervous," Finch said in an interview.

Miss Australia Rachael Finch has already arrived in the Bahamas in good shape, free from harm and ready to take home the title.

She is currently one of the big favorites for the Miss Universe 2009 title.

With this "crocodile story" she has under her belt, Finch will for sure have a great chance of "eating" other candidates' chances of winning the crown.

Miss International Beauty 2009 Official Results

MISS INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY 2009: Vietnam - Hanoi, Hoang Thi Vu Diep
MISS GLOBAL BEAUTY QUEEN 2009: Thailand - Bangkok, Vasana Wongbuntree

1st Runner Up: Russia - Moscow, Anna Botova
2nd Runner Up: Taiwan - Taipei, Ni-Ya Chen
3rd Runner Up: Italy - Rome, Eliana Catherina Calicchia
4th Runner Up: Brazil - Rio de Janerio, Mariana Nues Bathke

Top 15 Semi-Finalists:
Canada - Toronto, Chanel Beckenlehner
Korea - Seoul, Yoon-a Lee
Australia - Brisbane, Jacinta Rokich
Turkmenistan - Ashgabat, Marina Veshkina
Venezuela - Caracas, Jessica Yanmary Quijada Larez
Poland - Plock, Julia Piatek
Puerto Rico - Ponce, Darli Arni Pacheco Montanez
China - Daqing
China - Ningbo, Jing Xie Huang

Special Awards:
Miss Internet Popularity Queen (fastrack): Winner - Korea - Seoul, Yoon-a Lee; 1st RU - Thailand - Bangkok, Vasana Wongbuntree; 2nd RU - Brazil - Rio de Janerio, Mariana Nues Bathke
Miss Body Beautiful: Brazil - Rio de Janerio; 1st RU - Thailand - Bangkok, Vasana Wongbuntree; 2nd RU - Russia - Moscow, Anna Botova
Best in National Costume: Philippines
Miss Talent: Russia - Moscow, Anna Botova and Philippines - Manila, Maria Elena Salas LopeƱa; 1st RU - Puerto Rico - Ponce, Darli Arni Pacheco Montanez; 2nd RU - China - Beijing, Zi Jin Ye
Miss Photogenic: Thailand - Bangkok, Vasana Wongbuntree
Miss Congeniality: Indonesia - Jakarta, Ellan Go
Best Skin and Catwalk: China
Miss Charity: Singapore: Veriza Yew